Personal Data Protection Notice for the International conference

Energy Efficiency: An ace up the sleeve for energy transitions

The IEA and the Chilean Ministry of Energy are co-hosting the above event taking place on 1 October.  The co-hosts may process and exchange your personal data, namely full name, professional affiliation, title, country, gender, and email address, in order to enable participants to attend and participate in the event, tailor the event accordingly, maintain participation records for their events, and contact participants regarding related or other IEA or Ministry of Energy events that may be of interest to them in the future.  Please refer to the Data Protection Notice regarding Visitors to the IEA and IEA Event Participants available on the IEA’s website for further information regarding the IEA’s processing of your personal data for this event.


The co-hosts also wish to inform you that the event will be videorecorded and webcast live. Additionally, the livestream videorecording will be posted on  the IEA and Ministry of Energy’s websites after the event. This in order to expand access to a wider audience or to those who weren’t able to attend the event. Screen shots may also be taken to facilitate communications and publicity.  The co-hosts are unable to edit the recording during the live webcast or after the event in order to obscure any participant’s image. 


The recordings and screen shots may be disseminated on social media channels and potentially re-used for informational purposes for up to 5 years.  Additionally, the livestream recording will be available for public review for up to 10 years. All such material will then be archived at the IEA for an indefinite period of time. Only limited IEA and Ministry of Energy staff have access to such archived recordings and photographs.


Under the Rules (applicable only to the IEA’s processing of your data for the abovementioned purposes), you have rights to access and rectify your personal data, as well as to object to its processing, request erasure, and obtain data portability in certain circumstances. To exercise these rights in connection with this event, please contact  Please note however, as set out above, it is unlikely that the IEA can give effect to the rights to rectify, or erase any images in the videorecordings and some photos. 


If you have further queries or complaints related to the IEA’s processing of your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer If you need further assistance in resolving claims related to personal data protection you can contact the Data Protection Commissioner